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New Plant Functional in Windsor, CO

New Plant Open in Windsor, Colorado

Reliant Holdings, Ltd. of Odessa, Texas and Front Range Energy of Windsor, CO are pleased to announce, that on June 6th, 2007, they will celebrate the official opening of their Reliant Processing Carbon Dioxide recovery plant, in Windsor, CO.

The new plant will provide capture and processing facilities for the use of the carbon dioxide gas that is produced as a by product of the fermentation and processing of corn into ethanol. At start-up, approximately 150 tons of CO2 will be processed. Once the new facility’s production meets Reliant’s high standards for quality control, it is projected that 300 tons of CO2 per day will be captured and processed for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as the production of dry ice, and the stimulation of oil and gas wells. The facility will have 16 full time employees.

Scott Vanderburg, President of Reliant Holdings, praised his employees and partners in the following statement:

“We want to thank all of our employees, their families, Front Range energy and their staff, our contractors, Wells Fargo Commercial group out of Fort Worth, and the city of Windsor for all the help in making this a successful startup and the first Liquid CO2 Plant sourcing off of a fuel ethanol plant in the state of Colorado. We take pride in being a key part in the capture and efficient use of CO2 from a renewable energy source and this would not have been possible without all of those mentioned above.”

Reliant Holdings, Ltd. is engaged in the wholesale distribution of liquid carbon dioxide and “dry ice” to commercial customers in the oil and gas industry as well as the food processing and service industries. Their home office is located in Odessa, Texas. The company employs 275 people and operates in 10 states.

The distribution of carbon dioxide products is divided among the family of Reliant Holdings’ companies as follows:

FloCO2-provides CO2 to oil and gas well operators for production stimulation and pressure control treatment. FLOCO2 also assist in the preliminary stages of enhanced oil recovery projects.

Reliant Gases, Ltd.-is a bulk liquid CO2 supplier to the food processing and beverage bottling, industries distributing liquid CO2 to customers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Reliant Gases, Ltd.-also supplies liquid CO2 for: medical services, fire extinguisher manufacturers and welding operators.

Reliant Distribution, Ltd.-provides carbonation to beverage vendors, convenience stores, restaurants and bars.

Reliant Dry Ice, Ltd.-provides custom dry ice to food distribution centers, the medical industry, airports, and food processing plants.

Reliant Holdings, Ltd.-also maintains separate entities for its support operations that include transportation, processing, and manufacturing services.

Dan Sanders, Jr., whose ethanol plant celebrates its one year anniversary on the date of this June 6th opening, made this congratulatory statement:

“Front Range Energy, LLC would like to congratulate Reliant Holdings on the successful start up of their CO2 facility. Front Range Energy, LLC is excited about the opportunity to utilize raw CO2 from our ethanol production process to manufacture another co-product and continue to become one of the most efficient ethanol plants in the country. The Reliant Holdings CO2 facility has reduced our ethanol plant’s CO2 emissions by 50% and future expansion capabilities could further reduce CO2 emissions by 80% from our ethanol plant. Reliant Holdings is a key partner for Front Range Energy, LLC in our goal to add value to the ethanol production process and we are proud to be the first ethanol production facility to incorporate a CO2 processing facility in the State of Colorado.”