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Safety Policy

Safety is considered of primary importance in all phases of the operation and administration of Reliant Holdings Ltd. It is the intention of management to provide a work place that is as safe and healthy as possible.

This must begin with an accident prevention policy. Preventing accidents is an objective that affects all levels of our company and all of its operations. Each supervisor is required to make the safety of our employees a part of regular management functions. It is the duty of our employees to accept and follow our established safety regulations and procedures.

Every effort must be made to provide adequate training to our employees. If an employee has a question about job safety, it is his or her duty to ask a qualified person for assistance. Employees are expected to assist management in accident prevention. Any unsafe conditions must be reported immediately.

Fellow employees needing help must be given help as soon as possible, be it by his peers or by any supervisor, or any other employee.

Each employee is to be held responsible for the "housekeeping" duties of his or her assigned job.

Every injury must be reported to management or to the designated safety officer immediately. Under no circumstances, except emergency, should an employee leave the work site without reporting an injury.

Safety is everyone's business!